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About Dotson Development

Providing honest, reliable service that stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Welcome to Dotson Development where we provide solutions based on 30+ years of residential & commercial contracting.

Dotson Development works as a full service contractor. We're able to tackle projects related to:

  • Custom home design & construction
  • Residential renovations & additions
  • Residential repairs
  • Commercial new construction
  • Commercial renovations
  • Residential elevators
  • Anything that involves a general contractor

Q & A With Owner, Denny Dotson

What did you do prior to starting Dotson Development?

I worked for several large construction companies as a project manager & design manager.  We worked on large projects in residential construction, commercial and industrial.

How long have you been a registered contractor?

I’ve been a registered contractor since the mid 1980’s and a General Contractor since 2007.  In the beginning, we mostly focused on custom home and as the company grew, we moved into some commercial.

What's your greatest take-away from running your own business?

I’ve learned a lot.  In a lot of ways, the biggest lessons you learn are what not to do.  The day you think you know everything, is the day you make a mistake.

Every project is unique and we’ve really learned over the years how to dissect buildings.  This allows us to find the root of issues, figure out the best long-term fix, and then put it all back together.

What's your favorite type of project?

I love them all.  I love the challenge the each new project presents and the opportunity to put our experience to work.

If I had to pick a favorite type of project, it would be custom home design & construction.  The ability to create a custom home specifically designed to a families particular needs is a really fun opportunity.

You seem to do a lot of repairs. Is that a niche you're comfortable in?

Absolutely and I think it’s where you see our experience really shine.  With every building we pull apart, we try to figure out why it failed.  This takes a lot of understanding on how buildings are put together.  Over the years, we’ve had a lot of building code changes, a lot of new construction techniques and I’ve seen most of them.  Understanding how buildings were build 30 years ago, gives me a lot of insight into where they may be failing today.

What should people know before doing business with Dotson Development?

We are very proud to be transparent.

Transparent with our clients with what they are buying and transparent with what it will cost.  We work on both fixed price contracts as well as cost-plus contracts.  We document every dollar we are spending to ensure you know where you’re money is going.

What types of commercial projects do you take on?

We have the experience to take on a wide range of commercial projects.  This includes shopping center build-outs, office remodels, metal building construction and much more.

Get in touch with us and we’ll discuss your commercial project in more depth.

Renovation on House

Thanks, Denny. I appreciate your helping us. You and your guys are great!! Feel free to use me as a reference.

Home Renovation

Thank you very much for our lovely house, it’s just what we wanted and turned out perfect. We loved your crew and they were very respectful. Give our regards to them and thank them!


Project Discussion

First step with any project is an initial introduction and background on what you need complete. Contact us today!


Proposal & Timeframe

Based on discussions and on-site inspection (if applicable), we'll provide a proposal of service and layout an expected timeline.


Project Completed

We get to work based on agreed proposal. We strive to deliver every project on time and on budget. Attention to detail is a top priority.